Well, What a whirlwind 

I’m writing this whilst slumped on my sofa, strong coffee in hand, dog on my lap, and another manic day behind me. There’s 3 days left until Christmas and I’m yet to buy a single present, write a single card, or put up a single decoration in my home. Festivities up and down the country might by in full swing, but at Ryan Welch Weddings we’re still working around the clock to make sure all of our 2017 clients receive their images in time for Christmas, and that everyone who got their image selections in before the Christmas deadline gets their album in time. 
Honestly, this time of year is CRAZY at the studio. I’m counting down to 5pm tomorrow when I can turn the lights off in the office, lock the door for two weeks, and sink a glass / bottle / carafe of wine, happy that my team has worked their absolutely hardest throughout the year to ensure everything within our power has been done to give our couples the best possible experience.
Oh, and don’t get me wrong, we’ve loved every minute of it. The team has overcome some massive challenges this year, and are that much stronger as a result. Of course 2017 has seen mistakes made, we’re definitely not perfect, but we’re all committed to working our socks off, learning from our mistakes, and upping our game.  
One thing I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over is the amazing support we receive from our clients – whether it’s client new or old, the way you shout our name about is really an incredible honour. We feel so lucky to have been witnesses to your wedding days, and hopefully the love we have for what we do shines through the work we produce!
This year I’ve travelled all over the world and have spoken to countless photographers who struggle with getting new clients. One thing I always share with them is the story of how we begin, and how our first few clients who put their faith in us to photograph and film the most important day of their lives will recommend us today. To this they ask, ‘why is that?’, too which the answer is simple. Our clients are family to us, and the bonds we make with them mean everything, and stay in our thoughts, always. 
So everyone, I’ll be thinking of all you wonderful 2017 clients at my dinner table come Christmas Day, thankful as ever that we’re able to do jobs that we love every. single. day.
Hopefully no one will mind another year of last minute panic driven gifts which will probably include a lot of gin, a few gift cards, and a few IOU’s.
To celebrate you all, here’s a few of our favourite images we pulled out from the year… RWP family, you’re all wonderful ❤️




We’re a team of wedding photographers and film makers based in Cardiff, South Wales who specialise in creating the most beautiful wedding day memories.

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