When I was 16, I had a creative itch that needed to be scratched. Useless at drawing, painting and pretty much everything else I turned to photography whilst studying for my A-levels and undertook a college evening class to learn the basics.

After completing the 2 year course I headed to university to study photography, against the wishes of my family and teachers who of course thought I should do something more academic so that I’d have a backup should the photography thing not work out. But I knew that there was something about telling a story through images that had me hooked and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. So I blew caution to the wind and headed to one of the best universities in the country for art based degrees.

“Never the one to sit around”

Never one to sit around, I managed to build my business whilst working in retail and studying and a few months before I graduated I picked up the keys to my first studio. It was a tiny space, with enough room to shoot small family sessions and house a sofa and armchair for wedding consultations – but I managed to build a thriving business from that single room.


I signed a lease on a ground floor studio in a beautiful listed building in Caerleon. The space enabled me to showcase more of my work and give my clients a truly unique experience when visiting. As wedding bookings came in I realised I needed some help with processing the bookings and keeping up with editing and Jake started full time. As he was a photographer he started to photograph weddings with me and then the following year he started shooting as a second photographer under the studio name. 


The studio space in Caerleon but managed to stay there for 2 years in total. The business has grown quicker than I ever could have imagined, and now we’re in a huge 5,000sq ft unit in the capital. Cardiff has been yet another game changer for us. We’re now able to offer a bespoke service to our wedding and portrait clients and have the room to grow we’ve needed since day one.


I’m often asked how we’ve built a photography business that creates so many jobs and the answer is simple. We’re passionate about creating art work for our clients that’ll grace their walls for a lifetime. We offer a full service studio where we’re able to organise wall art such as canvas, metal and framed prints, albums and photobooks. We make the whole experience fun, exiting and easy, and do everything we can to ensure our clients enjoy every single moment.

As you can probably tell I’ve spent the last 7 years dedicated to building this business. It truly is an extension of who I am as a person. At points I’ve had to make huge sacrifices for the sake of the business and other times the business has provided me with more life experiences than I could have ever hoped for. A true rollercoaster.


Even though it’s not just me any more, the team around me share my values and desire to build a brand that serves its customers to the best of our abilities. We aren’t perfect by any means – like everyone we’re constantly learning, adapting and thinking of ways to do what we do better. So how about we create something incredible together? All we ask is that you trust us to document your wedding day so your legacy can be preserved for generation after generation.

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