Beth & Liam

Celtic Manor

Spending the day dodging Summer time showers with Beth and Liam’s was actually so much fun! Summer drizzle couldn’t dampen the spirits of this absolutely gorgeous pair. As always the Celtic Manor considered every detail to ensure they hosted the most memorable of wedding days full of laughter and happiness. A few highlights were the stunning Celtic Manor BBQ, selfies with the bride and more beauty than any photographer could ever ask for! Can we do it all over again soon?! <3

How did the proposal happen?

Christmas Morning 2013 Liam had put a bauble on the tree saying ‘Will you marry me’ it was a massive surprise for me, completely perfect as I always imagined the proposal to be private and intimate between just the two of us. I cried for about 20 minutes before I said yes!

What’s your favourite memory together before the wedding day?

It’s hard to say one particular memory, we have shared so many amazing moments over 8 years! But we are always at our happiest when we’re at gigs or festivals!

Did you have a theme? If so, why did you choose this theme?

We wanted something laid back but still glamorous and elegant. My dress had a lot of subtle sparkle and pearl buttons up the back so I just ran with that. It all came together perfectly and everything looked just as I had imagined!

What is your favourite memory of the day?

The one feeling that will always stay with me is when we left from the ceremony and the registrar announced us as Mr and Mrs for the first time. It was really surreal and I don’t think there will be many moments in life that could match that feeling of overwhelming love and happiness.

Were there any pleasant surprises?

Our wedding planner Beth had managed to get us into the presidential suite the night of the wedding, it was the icing on the cake and probably something we will never get to experience again. It was really special.

Why did your choose the Celtic manor as your wedding venue?

The first time we went to view the different venues at he Celtic Manor we knew it was the place we wanted to get married. The Rooftop Garden where we had the ceremony was the perfect laid back summer vibe we always wanted. Unfortunately it rained all day which I always thought would be my worst nightmare, but we didn’t really notice on the day, it definitely didn’t dampen spirits and the photos turned out beautiful, you would never know!

Any other special details / touches?

I loved the speeches – being the bride this was the only part I had no input in! My Dad, Liam and our best man all put their hearts into it and they were so special and their words really meant so much to me.

Any advice to future brides/grooms?

People will always tell you to enjoy it. Enjoy the build up, the prep and all the hype! It’s really hard to keep stress under control but that really is the best advice to take. It’s a really special time for both families, I loved having my Mum and Mother in law so involved and it was a great bonding experience too. Use every chance you get to celebrate! Remember it is all about the two of you, so lap it up! Savour every moment of the day because it really does go by in a flash. Take time out for just the two of you, sit back and watch all your nearest and dearest enjoying your special day. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the material things, don’t lose focus of what the day is really about!


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