Meet our awesome team!

About us

Meet our awesome team!


Our studio style has been carefully curated to allow our photographers and videographers to provide natural and timeless imagery which you'll cherish forever.


Since launch 10 years ago we've documented weddings all around the globe! Experiencing diverse cultures and couples from all backgrounds, we're excited to apply our skill and knowledge to your big day.


No need to stress. Throughout the entire process you'll be supported by one of our dedicated in-house wedding co-ordinators to ensure everything runs to plan.

Our team of experts are here to provide you with the



Owner / Photographer

Head honcho. The boss. The… colonel? Certified workaholic, Ryan oversees all aspects of the business, planning for its future with the aim of bringing the ‘Ryan Welch experience’ to as many couples across the UK as possible.


Wedding Co-ordinator

Annie is every couple’s first point of contact. She sets the tone for the awesome customer service they receive and is a saving grace when it comes to providing our clients with the information needed to make informed decisions during the booking process.


Studio Manager

Office warrior Miles is on hand to manage every couple’s experience leading up to and after their big day. Any questions, queries, requests or advice needed will be handled by Miles. From vendor recommendations to your final details consult, this champ will deal with it all.


Graphic Designer

Graphic designer, website… person, and head of all things aesthetically pretty. This talented sod schedules a lot of our social media content and has a big part to play in ensuring our brand reflects the natural and fun style mirrored in the imagery our photographers and videographers capture.


Videographer Manager

Besides being officially the nicest guy and best maker of tea in South Wales, Rhys manages all elements of our video production and output. This includes ensuring that our videographers receive regular training and support whilst our post production of wedding films meets our high standards.


Production Manager

For us the fun isn’t over once the wedding has been shot. Amy oversee’s all things post-wedding, ensuring the edits of the photographs maximise their potential and our album designs wow our couples. Interesting fact – Amy doesn’t take the wrapper off Starbursts before eating them. Remarkably, this doesn’t impact on her ability to kick butt at her job.


Lead Editor

It’s massively important to us that the final edits of your wedding imagery reflect our clean, natural and timeless studio style. Nic is our super skilled lead editor and is responsible for much of the beautiful output you see on our socials.


Office Pup

Luca plays a vital part in providing our team with endless amusement and Instagram content. This Italian stallion doesn’t technically take a wage, but is instead rewarded in biscuits and costumes (we once made him a miniature bowler hat… that was a good day).



For me photography all started when I threw caution to the wind and turned a hobby I loved into a career I loved even more; I ran away to sea to work as a photographer on board cruise ships. This is where I first got to experience shooting my first wedding and, needless to say, I haven’t look back.



After shooting a handful of weddings for friends and family, things escalated, and I was very quickly able to fulfil my passion for wedding photography full time. My favourite part of any wedding day is the early evening when the dancing starts, everyone is letting loose, and all of this energy can be capture in some great photos!



My love for documenting the world around me started at age seven; I would pester my Dad for disposable cameras and spend my weekends taking photographs in and around the old farmhouse we rented when I was little. I also have strong memories of the smell of the darkroom he worked in, and I still love the magical process of watching negatives become prints.



Even as early as school, I found that the pictures I liked shooting best were the ones that captured people’s stories. Weddings are great for this as there’s so much happening, and so many emotions, giving me the perfect ingredients for creating the stories I wanted to tell. Being able to hand over these captured memories to my clients is simply the best feeling in the world!



I had such an incredible time shooting my first wedding – getting to know the bride and groom and their families was very special, whilst all of the buzz surrounding the day and of course seeing their reactions to the photos afterwards was an addictive feeling!
After this experience, I knew I had the bug and had to shoot more! The rest, as they say is history! If I had to pick one favourite part of the day, it would have to be the speeches. I love hearing all of the hilarious and heartfelt stories from the newlyweds’ families and friends. I can almost guarantee that I will end up getting a little teary listening to the bride’s father’s speech!



Everything I love about weddings is summarised in the speeches. Every speech I have listened to is very different but is always full of laughter, stories, tears and so full of sentiment. I find it impossible not to get wrapped up in the emotion of the day! Outside of weddings I look for any opportunity to get outdoors and explore the stunning Welsh landscape with my partner.



I fell into photography when my father let me borrow his camera to take pictures of aircraft displays. I loved the challenge and excitement of getting “that” picture everybody wanted. I guess I still do! My favourite part of the wedding day would have to be when I can take the bride and groom away and shoot natural, relaxed portraits of the two of them. I find it’s the most important part of the day to shoot, as once everything else is over, you’re left with beautiful images reflecting the happiness and love the couple have for each other.



I’ve been working as a freelance videographer for several years now, and I always thought I’d like to get into filming weddings if the opportunity arose. When two friends of mine got married and asked me to film their special days, I jumped at the opportunity. I loved every minute of it and I haven’t looked back since!
The first dance, even though it can be one of the hardest parts to film because it’s often dark or under artificial lights, is definitely my favourite part of any wedding day. I just think it’s part of the day where the personality of my couples really shines through; in their song they choose, the way they dance, and how they interact with each other and their guest.



Like most people I got into the wedding industry after filming a family members big day. I remember how I loved the idea that I was capturing and preserving some of the happiest moments of their lives!
My favourite aspect of any wedding day is simply being there to witness the emotion, love and happiness my couples get to experience. I also love the party atmosphere during the evening. Capturing these moments are always so much fun!