Sarah & Aneira

Caerphilly Castle

When you meet a couple for the first time and you’re handed a minute-by-minute breakdown of their entire wedding day, from when they’ll be waking up, having coffee, travelling between venues, and everything in-between, you start to worry about what you’ve gotten yourself in for! Or at least that’s what most would feel. Personally my own OCD tendencies were absolutely LOVING Sarah’s organisational skills. I say Sarah, because when her timings spreadsheet was passed over, Aneira was admittedly looking on with a slight hint of despair. Come the big day, Sarah & Aneira struck the most perfect wedding day balance between pin-point precision and a relaxed and chilled-out atmosphere. Set in the dramatic grounds of Caerphilly Castle, these two beauties orchestrated a carnival themed celebration of all things fun. I’m now thinking that every wedding needs a 6 foot long snake, dancing girls on stilts, hook-a-duck, and pyrotechnics!

In his speech, and talking about about this “untraditional wedding day”, Aneira’s Father shared something that really stuck with me. Addressing the room, he expressed that life is preciously short. Far too short in fact to deny yourself that which you love and care for. When you see two people so flawlessly matched, and so damn meant to be together, this crazy world we live in, if only for a moment, makes perfect sense.



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